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Application Instruction

  • Rhinestones , Rhinestuds & nailheads - Application Instructions: For standard 100% Cotton Shirt Set temperature at 325 Fahrenheit.
  • Set pressure at medium to heavy.
  • Peel off ( remove ) the white plastic backing from the transfer. Place the sticky side down onto the fabric. Place the transfer or ( transfers , in case you have more than one in the same design ) face up ( sticky side down ) on the fabric.
  • You may remove the design and place it again and again. You may cut the design , nothing is permanent until you heat press it.
  • Cover the transfer ( design ) with a cloth ( Teflon sheet is suggested ).
  • Press for 12 to 15 seconds. Let cool for several minutes and slowly peel off the plastic. Press again directly on the design for 5 seconds.
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